Shareholder Activism, or Activist investments, are categorized by our interest or intention to influence or participate in the formulation, determination or direction of certain business decisions of an issuer. Activist opportunities may involve accumulating more than five percent of a company’s shares; working with the management, board of directors and/or other shareholders, and/or disseminating or soliciting proxies.

Activist ideas and opportunities stem from our extensive activist investing experience.  We conduct rigorous fundamental research and analysis to identify and fully-vet what we perceive to be exceptionally compelling investment opportunities.  During this process, our unique perspective often leads us to uncover potentially material value enhancement opportunities, spanning capital allocation, strategy, operations and/or corporate governance.

We are supportive, long-term investors of exceptional businesses and managements, and seek to establish constructive dialogues with issuers as appropriate. Our extensive strategic, operations and boardroom experience, as well as our deep network of advisors and industry experts, enable us to help drive initiatives that create, unlock and maximize long-term shareholder value.

Activist investments may involve a formal working or advisory relationship with a subject company, and/or may otherwise cause us to become restricted from trading in the securities of a portfolio company. Activist investments described herein are privately made available solely to institutional investors.


Activist investments are not considered part of Sophis Investment LLC’s Core Strategy and/or accounts managed by Sophis Investments pursuant to Form ADV Part 2.  Activist investment opportunities may be privately offered solely to Qualified Purchasers, which we refer to herein as “institutional investors”, and, subject to additional disclosures and agreements, may be accessed through a designated account, separately managed account, dedicated fund and/or other available structure(s). No offer or solicitation is made herein.